Meet Umar Bashir, Student who published his maiden book apart from co-author of few others

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Ubaid Kashmiri

Umar Bashir an student and motivational speaker has published his maiden book titled 'The Environmental Bulletin'. 
The 50 page book, according to Umar Bashir consists of topics related to environment and issues caused due to pollution but in the poetry mode , it makes book more unique,  tasteful and captivative. 

Umar , who hails from district SHOPIAN village Awaneera, is student of by profession and is eminently interested in the Environment & it's related issues.
He says ‘The Environmental Bulletin' is his first book which is available in market and on Amazon store, while nowadays he is working on its part two that will be released in coming future. 
He also said that he has been guiding , motivating and counseling many people regarding the Environment and it's related issues. As environment is utmost important for us & encompassing all biotic and abiotic factors , which directly or indirectly affect us as if get contaminated.
While talking with him, he said , I have been toturing my friends since my college days & was correlating things which end at the Environment.  And during the end year of graduation , I got inspired by one of teacher , who was teaching us English and from then to present I had compiled more than 500 write-ups and above 800 poems. 
On being asked about his inspiration for writing this book, he said that basic understanding of environment and it's importance, treads a way for one to unroll  such connotations but in interesting pattern. Also the prose status is looking little be dry and that's why I got interest to compile such issues in poetry version.
“I am highly inspired by those who are compiling write-ups , articles and poets. And I highly glad to interact with the expertees of poetry and literature and I have been following their footsteps, which brought me to this stage,” He said. 
Umar also said that he also faced many difficulties while writing this book as with whom he discuss such unique way of elongating issues , as he found their perception different but he was so adamant to resolve all of them. 
He also said that every day is a challenge and current times are more competitive, it will crease more in the coming times . But a student must always do his part, through all dimensions which will cover him from the issues of unbelief.
On being asked about his favourite author, he said that he used to read a lot in high secondary  and in college days, and is mostly attached with Dr Sir Mohammed Iqbal. 
 He also said that printing and publishing of the book were solely for his interest and of his own taste.
 “Whatever I spent, I spent it out of my own money for this but the support from Wular Publishing House can't be ruled out as it offers services at a very low price range. I don’t mind spending out of my own pocket, when I work so hard to earn for myself,”

Message to all my Young minds . 
know you potential , appreceive your abilities , do hardwork ; as hardworking is principal of every win