Poor man Donated his Ancestral Horticulture land for construction of Panchayat Ghar in 2008 on the promise of Govt job

Neither Govt Job Given nor Any Compensation But Gets the electricity bill of constructed Panchayat house constructed on his donated land.

Mohd Lateef Famdah survived by five daughters and two sons residing at Check Mirzapore Sedow donates his 1 kanal land for the construction of Panchayat in 2008 and with a promise, that A govt job will  be provided to one of his family member

The Poor person donates his ancestral one kanal Horticulture land for construction of Panchayat ghar  with a Hope that he will be provided with a Govt job but 12 years has gone and he did not Get Govt job but got an electric bill of Panchayat ghar constructed on his land with payable amount of 10000.

The Family has Now shifted From his old house to this Panchayat ghar and alleged that they are Tired in search of promised job and now we will not leave Panchayat ghar till they will not be provided with govt job and Compensation and also said that The electricity bill addressed on his name is also authentic their legal right on said Govt constructed Panchayat ghar