Back to Village Is A Fetile Excersize, two  versions of Back to Village has been gone and not a single work has been done on Ground

The Back to Village Module was ment To Bring Devlopmental works in Villages And The Two phases of Back to village are already gone and third phase is in process. But one side Govt is claiming that the process of Back to village has Contributed much more in Developmental works in villages and on next side, the residents of Keller area has refused and Calls Back to village A fertile exercise and Only showing Gesture Of District officer. Manzoor ah alleged that the Two phases of Back to village has been already gone and nothing has been done on ground and he further challenged District administration shopian that please announce publicly what are the contributions of previous phases of back to village in keller area. He further added that The other name of Back to village for Public is photo shot and Teas rest it is a wastage and a process to Decieve public.